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Providing therapy in-person in Richmond and Williamsburg as well as online throughout the state of Virginia

Erin Dabrowski M.Ed, LPC-R

Erin Dabrowski, M.Ed, Resident in Counseling


My clients often tell me that they appreciate my sense of humor and my ability to be down-to-earth and practical. I believe that laughter is essential to healing, and I strive to create an environment where my clients feel safe enough to laugh, even in the midst of difficult emotions. By working together in a trusting, supportive relationship, we can navigate life’s challenges with greater ease.

Currently accepting new clients, including evenings and weekends.

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Waller Thompson, LPC, SEP


I am honored to walk beside so many brave souls who have made the decision to turn and face their demons, be it trauma, self-judgment, or failed relationships, and then support them in their journey towards health and healing. I have been on this path myself, have done the hard work of change, and literally felt the transformative changes that happen when I befriended both my mind and body.

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If you live outside of Virginia and are interested in personal growth work (i.e. do not have a diagnosable mental health condition), Waller also offers somatic coaching worldwide. Please contact her at to inquire.

Elizabeth Holt, LPC-S, SEP


In review of my professional life choices, I realize I have always been attracted to non-traditional approaches. I began my graduate work in Art Psychotherapy and continue to hold this as important to my professional identity. I realized very early in my career that trauma and overwhelm are the core of the struggles many people have and this was very under-addressed and not understood.

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Master Clinician Rates: $175 individual psychotherapy (Waller & Elizabeth)

Approximately 25% of our caseload is reserved for sliding scale clients. (Currently full at this time.)

$135 for clinical supervision for residents and $150 for licensed clinicians. Discounts available for ongoing work together. (Elizabeth) 

Somatic Experiencing Students: $135 Personal Sessions towards certificate requirements. (Waller is available for Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced students, and Elizabeth is available for Beginning Students.)

Clinical Psychotherapist Rates: $135-$160 depending on experience and training

Resident Counselor Rates: $125 (Pay-What-You-Can range from $75-$125) Erin

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