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Providing therapy in-person in Richmond and Williamsburg as well as online throughout the state of Virginia
“The life I touch for good or ill will touch another life, and that in turn another, until who knows where the trembling stops or in what far place my touch will be felt.”

— Frederick Buechne

Dr Waller Thompson, LPC, SEP


No one gets through this life without overwhelm, and even trauma at some point, yet few of us have the necessary resources and skills to navigate these rough waters without support, help, or guidance at some point.

I have made it my life’s work to hone these skills and become knowledgeable in how to support people through times like these. I was lucky enough to have several amazing guides along the way and this is one small way that I express my gratitude in the world for those times when I felt so lost and needed heartful and mindful companionship.

I began my career as a school psychologist serving the very young (0-7) and their families. I discovered how much I enjoyed providing therapy, so I went on to get my doctorate in counseling and eventually started my own private practice. However, I never strayed far from education. I’ve taught at the college graduate and undergraduate levels, worked as a consultant in schools, started a Waldorf School, and also taught parent-toddler classes. These days I mostly do psychotherapy with adults, but hold a special place in my heart and room in my practice for young children, babies and their parents, as well.

I am honored to walk beside so many brave souls who have made the decision to turn and face their demons, be it trauma, self-judgment, or failed relationships, and then support them in their journey towards health and healing. I have been on this path myself, have done the hard work of change, and literally felt the transformative changes that happen when I befriended both my mind and body.

I was the veteran of many years of talk therapy which was helpful in patching me back together and allowing me to function pretty well in the world. I knew, however, something was missing but didn’t understand that I needed to invite my body, my nervous system, into the conversation.

I came to understand that healing takes place in the here and now, so I needed to do my personal work in the present moment. That was when the real healing began for me. I understood a lot before and I was very successful in my life, but I didn’t feel it on the inside. I know many of these roads as I have traveled there myself and so I am honored to serve as your guide.

Professional Experience and Education:
License: LPC Virginia 0701010596
Graduate School: College of William and Mary
Doctorate (Ed.D.) in Counseling (1998); M.Ed. (1988) and Ed.S. (1990) in School Psychology
Other Training/Certifications: Somatic Experiencing Practitioner; Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (BCST); Brainspotting Provider (BSP); Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) Provider; Transforming the Experienced-Based Brain (TEB) Provider; Inner Relationship Focusing (IRF) Provider; Extra Lesson Practitioner; NeuroAffective Touch (NAT) and Neuroaffective Relational Therapy (NARM) current studies; Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorder (PMADS) Certificate, Pre- and Perinatal Educator Certificate.

Elizabeth Holt, LPC-S, SEP


Most of the individuals who seek my help have had talk therapy in the past and are seeking a more body/mind approach. While traditional talk therapy has been helpful, they may have reached a standstill or are circling without change.

Many have complex and developmental trauma histories and may be going through a stressful time. Many have histories of some anxiety or depression and may have recently experienced a loss and find they need support.

I also work with younger individuals who may be seeking support facing a life decision or transition period.

Another specialty I enjoy working with is those in recovery from either a substance abuse disorder or an eating disorder. I have extensive experience working with substance use disorders and dual diagnosis and have experience and understanding of recovery.

Many seek my help for Somatic-based therapy as I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. This may be to work through a specific stressful event such as an accident or surgery or maybe more complex with more numerous events and /or relational traumas.

I am very honored to have had the privilege to do the work I do and welcome the opportunity to continue this deep and sacred relationship with others.

I have always been attracted to non-traditional approaches. I began my graduate work in Art Psychotherapy and continue to hold this as important to my professional identity.

I know we are designed to heal and grow. I believe in the wisdom of the body’s natural organismic process toward healing and health. I take much that I believe from what I see, from shat I have learned from nature. There is a natural life force in us all, but it can become thwarted and stunted.

I integrate a combination of dialogue, collaboration, movement, expressive arts, and at times touch. I use both a “Bottom-Up” (body) approach and a “Top-Down” (mind) approach for embodied integration in our work together.

Professional Experience and Education:
License: LPC Virginia 0701002411
Graduate School: Eastern Virginia Medical School

Other Training/Certifications: Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP); Board Certified Art Therapist ATR-BC; Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR); Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP); Somatic Resiliency and Regulation (SRR); Transforming the Experience-Based Brain (TEB); Transforming Touch

Erin Dabrowski LPC-R | Therapist in Richmond, VA
“Whatever happens, wherever you go, you’re not gonna do it alone.”

Detective Josephus Miller, The Expanse, Season 2, Episode 5: Home

Erin Dabrowski, M.Ed


After over a decade of experience as a School Counselor and in-home Family Systems Counselor, I am excited to have entered private practice where I am completing licensure requirements for my LPC in Virginia. I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2012 with a Masters in Counselor Education, and consider myself a life-long learner always adding to my skills and expertise. 

If you are struggling with a traumatic past or new changes in your life, or you feel stuck and find yourself looping in old patterns, I can support your unique needs by integrating a number of therapeutic modalities. In addition to my ongoing apprenticeship in HeartMind Resiliency’s Somatic Resiliency Model, I have certificates in Somatopia’s Core Skills Trauma training, Deb Dana’s Polyvagal informed therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. I also incorporate experiential practices such as movement, breath practices, Havening, art, mindfulness techniques and traditional talk therapy skills, such as cognitive and solution-focused modalities. This combination of approaches allows us to go beyond the story, words and thoughts to support your nervous system to recalibrate and repattern. 

I especially love working with people who are going through transitional times and the difficulties of change. Often this comes from the hauntings of past traumas or current life moving too fast and too big. My work is to help you find space to slow down to find the safety within so that you can explore your life from different perspectives and discover new ways of being that perhaps you didn’t know were possible. I’m here to guide you to explore family dynamics, identity questions, and social issues.

I am both LGBTQ+ and neurodivergent affirming and have a special interest in supporting young adults through the challenging and exciting years of launching into their lives. As a former school counselor, I am also a skilled advocate for adolescents, parents and families who are navigating the complexities of community and school services. 

I strive to always be genuine and create an atmosphere where clients can feel comfortable and quickly at ease. My clients often tell me that they appreciate my sense of humor and my ability to be down-to-earth and practical. I believe that laughter is essential to healing, and I strive to create an environment where my clients feel safe enough to laugh, even in the midst of difficult emotions. By working together in a trusting, supportive relationship, we can navigate life’s challenges with greater ease.

I understand what a big step it is to reach out to a therapist and I’m happy to support you in taking this brave step. During sessions, we will focus on building a support network and discovering strengths and personal insights while practicing autonomy and self-advocacy skills.

When I’m not counseling, I am keeping up with my vegetable garden, spending time with my family, and seeing live comedy and music. I also love brunch, the Buffalo Bills, and being a part of the local theater community.

Rae Filla, RYT

Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Breathwork Guide

My practice is inspired by the art of passionate embodiment. As an instructor, I lead clients inward to discover the buried aliveness that lives beyond pain and resistance. I intend to help my clients live life as their authentic selves. My classes utilize Breathwork and Trauma Informed Yoga modalities to help clients feel safe and present in their bodies. Everything is optional. Everything is your choice. Only you can know what is best for your body, and I strive to remind clients to own that truth. In my experience, it is from a deep sense of inner safety that real magic flows into life. Feeling safe in mind, body, and spirit allows us to navigate through our pain and align with the strength of knowing ourselves. What we feel, we can heal, and it is my honor to guide others upon the journey towards their deepest self expression.

Rae is a lifelong learner who actively engages in ongoing training.

Current certifications:

Joan Advent, MSW

Transformational Empowerment Coach

I am here to support you in moving beyond the trauma, burn-out and anxiety to creating a life that feels meaningful, joyful and aligned with the deepest essence of who you are. Whether your challenges are currently with your:
Creating a life that is aligned with who you are and what you value is at the heart of resolving those challenges. I work with a holistic, trauma sensitive lens. Recognizing the mental, somatic, spiritual and emotional components of each client’s unique situation. In my experience full resolution touches each of these dimensions of our humanity. My coaching draws upon my knowledge, skills and experience gathered over the last 30 years as both a licensed clinical social worker and spiritual and transformational guide. I retired my clinical license in 2021 to offer 1:1 and group services that were most aligned with who I am and what I value.
Over my professional career I have had comprehensive training and experience with:
And while all this is highly useful. The greatest asset I bring to support you in flourishing and creating the life, relationships or business you want is my intuitive gifts. I have a powerful capacity to see and engage:
To empower you to get where you want to BE.

Professional Experience and Training:

Masters of Social Work Virginia Commonwealth University 1992; Certified Sophia Circle Leader; WomanSpeak Circle Leader; Pathwork Helper (Retired); Sacred Money Archetype Coach; The Art of Money; Transforming Trauma into Soul Power; EMDR I and II; Exploring the Vagus System I, II, III and Supervision; Past Life Regression; Psychic Development Training I and II; Zapchen Somatics; Core Energetics; The Layers of the Heart; Continuum; The Secret Intelligence of Water; Intentional Creativity; Writing Raw; and Vocal Odyssey: Meeting the Spirit of Your Voice.\Ebook Author: The Radiance Equation: A Visionary’s Guide to Coming Out of Hiding, Owning Your Wisdom and Creating Your Greatest Impact

Podcast Host and Creator: Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow

“We are all just walking each other home.”

– Ram Dass

Lisa Zulawski, LCSW

Are you interested in living more authentically with your core self and working to pursue a life that is more in line with your aspirations and values? Does it feel like your past experiences or beliefs about yourself have made you feel stuck? We all go through experiences in our life that can get in the way of us living into our full potential and I would be honored to walk with you in that process of discovery and healing.

Licenses and Other Credentials

WHO I work with…

WHAT Therapeutic modalities I use…

WHY I am a Therapist and WHY I like what I do?

I am passionate about helping others connect more to themselves, others, the community and the world around them. The focus of my therapy training has been in understanding the impact of trauma on the mind and body, processing events through EMDR and somatic therapy, mindfulness and emotion regulation, as well as identity work. My social work career started in homeless shelters working as a care manager with the unhoused population, where I got to walk alongside powerful and creative advocates who continue to inspire me now. After completing my Masters in Social Work, I worked as an advocate for survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence and then transitioned into work as a therapist.

What are you excited about and want to learn more about?

With an emphasis on trauma, I have worked with individuals from various life experiences (including significant work with the refugee population) and socioeconomic backgrounds. I value being person centered and culturally competent. This type of work has also translated into my continued desire to advocate for underserved and marginalized communities and for me to continue expanding my training and add creativity into the therapeutic process. There is no treatment plan that fits everyone and I would be glad to collaborate with you on what will fit best.

What do I do for fun and self-care when I’m not at work?

When I am not working as a therapist, I am typically out walking my dog, getting excited about trying new foods, planning and going on long distance hiking trips and listening to NPR.

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