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Reimagining Wellness for the 21st Century: Integrative Physical Therapy healing that honors your humanity while transforming your connection to self and others

Beyond symptom relief, we help people to shift underlying patterns that are driving uncomfortable symptoms and behaviors. Experiential and somatic therapies take the client beyond just talking about their lives and allows for changes deep in our neurobiology where change and integration can take place.

All clinicians at HeartMind Resiliency are trained in a variety of somatic and experiential modalities that are grounded in interpersonal neurobiology, polyvagal theory and an understanding of psychoneuroimmunology. Each of our therapists is committed to training and has experience in multiple modalities that are woven together to meet the unique needs of each client. We understand the deep interplay and inseparability of the body-mind connection and how our past and current stressors impact both our physical and psychological well-being. It is our conviction that both the fields of mental health and medicine need to take into account this interconnectedness when conceptualizing cases and helping clients holistically to access services that will support their healing journey.

Somatic & Experiential modalities are a foundational component to the work we do at HeartMind Resiliency. These approaches recognize healing the body-mind connection as key. There is an emphasis on Bottom Up processing where nonconscious content that is stored in our nervous and endocrine systems is seen as the driver of our psychology, behavior, and frequently, our overall health. We work together to mindfully experience what is living in the Here & Now, and then transform it in the present moment into a new way of being. 

Somatic Experiencing is one method used by several of our clinicians. This body-oriented therapeutic method is for healing trauma and other stress disorders. It is based on a multidisciplinary intersection of physiology, psychology, ethology, biology, neuroscience, indigenous healing practices, and medical biophysics and is Dr. Peter A. Levine’s life’s work. SE works to release traumatic shock, which is key to transforming PTSD/cPTSD and the wounds of emotional and early developmental attachment trauma. It provides a framework to assess where a person is “stuck” in fight, flight or freeze responses as well as clinical tools to resolve these fixated physiological states.

The NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM) is an advanced methodology for working with complex trauma. It is an experiential, nonregressive therapy that is informed by depth psychology, attachment theory, psychodynamics and somatic models. Our early, unconscious patterns of disconnection deeply affect our identity, emotions, physiology, behavior and relationships, yet can be incredibly subtle. Indeed, people are unaware that their life experiences may have created patterns that get in the way of what they want for themselves, believing instead that they are unchangeable aspects of themselves. NARM addresses and heals these relational and developmental traumas (such as ACEs) by working with patterns that cause life-long psychobiological symptoms and interpersonal difficulties.

Art and Other Expressive Therapies are utilized by some of our therapists as portals into a deeper understanding and experience of Self, one beyond words, where creative expression and playfulness can awaken parts of self who have been rejected or hidden away. Whether creating art, participating in movement inquiries or interacting with nature, these experiences ground clients in their present experience and allow for new possibilities of expressing themselves in the world.  

Ego State Work/Parts Work is also at the core of much of our practice. Whether utilizing Anne Weiser Cornell’s Inner Relationship Focusing model, components of Richard Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems or Janina Fisher’s Structural Dissociation, we value the understanding that our mind and personality are composed of subparts that have arisen to help us to navigate different stressors and aspects of our lives. As a person learns to observe these parts as aspects of Self and not all of them, they gain greater capacity to be with past memories and current stressors. 

Trauma Touchwork is an approach that many clients wish to incorporate into their healing journey. Several of us have been trained in a variety of body-work or touch-based modalities for trauma resolution and attachment woundings that work with implicit, nonverbal memories that are stored in our bodies from our earliest days. These methods include SE Touchwork, Kathy Kain’s Trauma Touch Skills and Somatic Resilience and Regulation, Steve Terrell’s Transforming the Experienced-based Brain, Aline LaPierre’s Neuroaffective Touch and trauma informed biodynamic craniosacral therapy and (coming soon) massage therapy. 

Safe & Sound Protocol is a neurobiological listening technology that supports greater connection to self and others. When the altered music is paired with other experiential art and movement therapies, this approach supports trauma,  anxiety and depression as well as a variety of other stress-related issues. Pairing SSP with other body-based therapies typically leads to profoundly synergistic effects.

We also utilize a variety of other trauma and stress resolution techniques listed here.

Bodywork & Massage

Touchwork is a powerful way to access nonverbal blocks, as well as teach your system how to experience deeper safety and pleasure in your body. Several of our practitioners offer trauma touchwork skills and trauma-informed massage/bodywork. This work can be stand alone therapy or a wonderful way to augment your personal psychotherapy.


Trauma-sensitive Yoga, Breathwork and Qigong are led in small groups or individually to reclaim your inner strength and trust in your body. Walk & Talk, Awe Walks and Nature-Based Therapy are offered in neighboring parks. Therapeutic time in nature invites inner connections to larger rhythms and beauty that we have forgotten in our highly civilized world.

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We’re Here to Help You Get to The Heart of the Matter

“The purpose in life is to expand the warm heart. Everything else is commentary.”

-Dalai Lama

We support individuals to learn how to embrace their humanness and the complexities of life while increasing their compassionate, loving acceptance and connection to both self and others. 

Our psychobiological orientation recognizes the connection between the brain, body and mind. We work with our clients to pay attention to not only their thoughts and emotions, but also the nonverbal aspects of their experience that lies within their body and then to use this awareness as a compass to guide their process.

This allows for a uniquely integrative approach to working with both psychological and stress-related physiological issues that support overwhelm, trauma, as well as other mental and stress related health concerns. 

As a practice, we often collaborate with other professionals from a variety of fields to create the best healing outcomes possible. We look forward to beginning this life-changing journey with you!

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