Integrating the Art and Science of Therapy

At HeartMind Resiliency, we offer integrative therapies that weave together heartful connection and deep listening with neuroscience to help you create and live the life you desire.

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Imagine a world where mental wellness is part of our everyday way of being, where there is no need to feel broken and seeking help is seen as a sign of your strength.

Our Mission and Purpose at HeartMind Resiliency

We are passionate about doing our part to create a world where people can feel more love, connection, and meaning for themselves, their loved ones, and the greater world.

We honor both the Art and Science of Psychotherapy through offering our clinicians ongoing opportunities for learning and supervision, while also holding a deep commitment to the unmeasurable qualities of how to be in relationship with each of our clients. 

What if the world is holding its breath- waiting for you to take the place that only you can fill?

David Whyte

Therapy for Trauma, Attachment, and Relational Issues throughout Virginia

We specialize in Resiliency Building and Post Traumatic Growth to support you in transformative healing to move beyond Stress, PTSD/cPTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Burnout, and Relational Issues, as well as other concerns. Utilizing an Attachment and Relational orientation in combination with Somatic Therapies, our approach is strengths-based and non-pathologizing. We are committed to treating the whole person, not just the symptoms, through methods and techniques that address the root of the issue.

Our Approach and Philosophy

 We practice at the intersection of our professional and human experience where we believe the delivery of skillful interventions must be held within the larger context of the mystery and sacredness of human connection. This depth-based approach is individualized and collaborative. We weave together a variety of experiential and somatic modalities that compliment and go beyond traditional talk therapy.

Training and Consultation

Our Somatic Resiliency Model is an experiential approach that invites you to grow your professional skills from the inside out. As we learn and share together in a community of professionals who are curious and open, we come to experience deeper, more embodied ways of being with ourselves so that we can show up with our clients with greater capacities, skillfulness, and compassion. When the science of the healing arts comes alive through hands-on learning, we can relax into practicing the heartfulness of being with the suffering of others.

Pain and chronic Illness

Over 50 Years of Combined Experience

We are a highly trained group of practitioners who work directly with you to create a plan of support that is unique to you and your needs.

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, trauma, or depression or work with those who are, we are here to help.

We specialize in somatic (body-based) and experiential approaches that welcome what is happening in real time so you can begin to experience new ways of being in the here and now. Supporting the mind and body to work in harmony is the true path to health and healing.

What We Offer

More than a therapy practice, we offer training and consultation services to psychotherapists and other healers- anyone who is curious about embodied learning at the intersection of professional and personal development. Additionally, as a wellness center, we are adding complementary healing arts to our team.

Discover What HeartMind Resiliency Has to Offer

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