Parts Work & Inner Relationship Focusing

All psychotherapists at HeartMind Resiliency weave Parts Work throughout their work with clients. One approach we use is Inner Relationship Focusing. It is a type of therapy that combines elements of focusing, a therapeutic approach developed by Eugene Gendlin, with concepts from Ego State/Parts Work (e.g. Richard Schwartz Internal Family Systems therapy). It is a body-centered and experiential approach that focuses on accessing and healing the wisdom and intelligence within oneself.

Inner Relationship Focusing involves cultivating a compassionate and curious attitude toward your inner experience. It emphasizes developing a deep, non-judgmental relationship with your emotions, bodily sensations, and inner parts of self. These different parts of ourselves may have conflicting needs and desires, and their inner conflicts can contribute to a person’s distress and difficulties.

The process of Inner Relationship Focusing involves bringing attention to the body and noticing any physical sensation or Felt Sense associated with a particular issue or concern. Through gentle inquiry and exploration, your therapist will support you to engage in a dialogue with your inner experience, listening deeply to the messages and insights that arise. This process allows for greater self-awareness, understanding, and ultimately, the possibility of transformation and healing.

Inner Relationship Focusing might be woven into sessions by your therapist at HeartMind Resiliency to support a range of mental health concerns, such as relational issues, trauma, anxiety, depression, decision making, entrenched behaviors, self-esteem, and interpersonal conflicts.

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