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How We Support the Healing Community

We Are Stronger Together

Imagine learning new skills from the inside out, experiencing them beyond powerpoints and protocols, where you might roll up your sleeves, practice somatic inquiries that wake up your vagus nerve or lay on the ground and paint with your nondominant hand…

Yes, trainings can be fun, enriching and powerfully transformative.


Upcoming Training: Experiential Learning Circle

Date: Beginning September 13, 2024 

9 Monthly Classes on the 2nd Fridays 9am-12pm in person 

6 Online Consultation Groups on the 4th Thursdays 4:30-6pm

Cost: $950, partial scholarships available

(2 installments of $475 paid by August 31 and January 5, 2025)

We are currently exploring CEs for LPCs/LMFTs/LCSWs for this course.

To register email Support@hmrwellness.com.

Join us to:

  • Learn new skills that can immediately be integrated into your work (including somatic psychology, attachment and relational dynamics, polyvagal theory, ego-state and parts work, expressive arts, etc.)

  • Experience the art of your work unfolding with less efforting and pressure. Your problem-solving mind will be invited to rest as you learn to work more in the present moment.

  •  Discover new trauma resolution skills from the Inside Out and Bottom Up, beyond protocols.


HeartMind Resiliency is enrolling a new cohort for a curated learning experience for practitioners who are interested in developing and/or expanding their expertise in trauma recovery work. The primary focus will be on somatic and experiential therapies that support clients to re-negotiate trauma responses and attachment wounds, allowing increased psychobiological capacity and resiliency.

We are forming a small cohort of fellow learners from a variety of professional disciplines who are interested in developing expert skills and embodying new ways of being with others. In the spirit of exploration and the phenomenological nature of this work, a central focus will also be on our own subjective experiences.

We will meet in a monthly Experiential Learning Circle that will include expressive arts activities, didactic learning, demos and practice time through one’s own scope of practice. The approaches learned are highly relational and not protocol driven. You will learn to be with others’ trauma recovery process in the “Here and Now” by utilizing experiential approaches from the inside out, embodying the work and integrating it within your own professional and theoretical orientation.

We are seeking those who are lifelong learners, who are non-pathologizing in their view of mental health and wellness, who want to embody bottom-up somatic skills, and who are willing and excited to explore their own leading edges of personal and professional growth.

To register and learn more email Support@hmrwellness.com.

We Are Here to Support You

It is our conviction that you can only take your client as far as you have been willing to explore yourself. We create a safe container for learning from the inside out. As with our clients, we believe you learn best from experiencing Bottom Up processes paired with Top Down cognitive understanding. When the two come together, there is a synergy that happens that allows us to really feel what we are learning in an embodied way. No longer are we doing techniques or imposing protocols. The work begins to unfold for us as our problem solving mind can rest, step aside, and we can really be present with our clients and what is happening in the moment.

At HeartMind Resiliency, we believe that we are stronger together- together within ourselves and together as a community.

Whether you are new to the field of therapy or an experienced clinician looking to build upon your knowledge and skills, we can help. Beyond the boundaries of traditional talk therapy, we incorporate the whole person- mind, body, and spirit.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Somatic Resiliency Model, keep reading.

You’re Committed to Helping Others

When we are able to step out from behind our degrees and manuals and put aside diagnoses and treatment plans, we can become more curious and open and see the intelligence of our clients’ behaviors and symptoms with compassion and positive regard. As we model for our clients how to be with what shows up in the treatment room, they also learn to become more self-accepting and curious, qualities that are necessary conditions for real change to happen.

At HeartMind Resiliency, we believe that incorporating both body and mind approaches into psychotherapy and other healing arts can create more lasting and transformative results. We offer trainings and workshops that teach helping professionals how to work with clients in a more embodied way, using techniques such as mindfulness, air, movement, and touch.

Training and Consultation

The best way to learn how to integrate somatic and experiential therapies is to participate in our training and consultation groups and workshops. You will learn from experts in the field who are passionate about helping healers become more confident and competent in their work.

Through our unique program, you will gain a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and how it can be used to facilitate healing and growth. Ultimately, our goal is to help you become a more effective healer who is able to meet the needs of your clients with compassion and expertise.

We would be honored to have you as part of our community.

You May Be a Practitioner Called to Join Us

We believe that by working with both the body and the mind, therapists can more effectively help their clients to heal from trauma, regulate emotions, and achieve greater self-awareness and self-connection. We are always looking for talented therapists to join us in this journey. If you’re interested in joining our team, e-mail us at support@hmrwellness.com.

Many professional trainings don’t recognize our own humanity and struggles. Many people who enter the healing arts do so out of trying to make sense of our pasts, where we became very good at helping others. It is our Superpower, but there is often the sense of an Imposter lurking in the shadows.

We offer a safe place for learning that takes this into account and recognizes it as part of the learning journey. Inner work translates into professional understanding and skills. We guide you to see countertransference as information, not something bad or wrong. In fact, without an acknowledgment and acceptance of how our unique human experience impacts us, we will always be limited in how we show up for those that we serve. 

We are more than a group practice; we are a training ground for new and seasoned therapists alike. 

How We Can Help

We offer in person and online training in Williamsburg & Richmond, VA.

We support the healing community by providing training and consultation. This allows us to share our knowledge and experience to those who may find themselves feeling stuck when working with their own clients.

We are committed to creating a learning environment free of judgment, where we learn through curiosity, support, and reflection, and where we truly embody the skills we are learning through experiential and collaborative learning experiences.

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After our training, you’ll walk away with embodied knowledge and insight into yourself and your clients.

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