Lisa Zulawski, LCSW

Pronouns: She/Her

Favorite Quote: “We are all just walking each other home.’ ~Ram Dass

Areas of Interest…

Are you interested in living more authentically with your core self and working to pursue a life that is more in line with your aspirations and values? Does it feel like your past experiences or beliefs about yourself have made you feel stuck? We all go through experiences in our life that can get in the way of us living into our full potential and I would be honored to walk with you in that process of discovery and healing.

Licenses and Other Credentials

WHO I work with…

WHAT Therapeutic modalities I use…

WHY I am a Therapist and WHY I like what I do?

I am passionate about helping others connect more to themselves, others, the community and the world around them. The focus of my therapy training has been in understanding the impact of trauma on the mind and body, processing events through EMDR and somatic therapy, mindfulness and emotion regulation, as well as identity work. My social work career started in homeless shelters working as a care manager with the unhoused population, where I got to walk alongside powerful and creative advocates who continue to inspire me now. After completing my Masters in Social Work, I worked as an advocate for survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence and then transitioned into work as a therapist.

What are you excited about and want to learn more about?

With an emphasis on trauma, I have worked with individuals from various life experiences (including significant work with the refugee population) and socioeconomic backgrounds. I value being person centered and culturally competent. This type of work has also translated into my continued desire to advocate for underserved and marginalized communities and for me to continue expanding my training and add creativity into the therapeutic process. There is no treatment plan that fits everyone and I would be glad to collaborate with you on what will fit best.

What do I do for fun and self-care when I’m not at work?

I am not working as a therapist, I am typically out walking my dog, getting excited about trying new foods, planning and going on long distance hiking trips and listening to NPR.