Rae Filla, RYT

Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Breathwork Guide

My practice is inspired by the art of passionate embodiment. As an instructor, I lead clients inward to discover the buried aliveness that lives beyond pain and resistance. I intend to help my clients live life as their authentic selves. My classes utilize Breathwork and Trauma Informed Yoga modalities to help clients feel safe and present in their bodies. Everything is optional. Everything is your choice. Only you can know what is best for your body, and I strive to remind clients to own that truth. In my experience, it is from a deep sense of inner safety that real magic flows into life. Feeling safe in mind, body, and spirit allows us to navigate through our pain and align with the strength of knowing ourselves. What we feel, we can heal, and it is my honor to guide others upon the journey towards their deepest self expression.

Rae is a lifelong learner who actively engages in ongoing training.

Current certifications: